60 Best Millionaire affirmations

Here are some millionaire affirmations words you should say daily for quick success. To begin with, you have to change your perceptions about life. See this quick overview

Positive affirmations to raise your vibrations as a millionaire

1- I trust myself and my intuition which guides me towards healthy and nourishing choices for my soul.

2- Everything I need to know is revealed to me in due time. Everything I need comes to me, everything is divinely ordained.

3- I am in perfect harmony with my body, my mind and my higher consciousness.

4- I raise my level of consciousness a little more every day.

5- My chakras are perfectly balanced and in harmony.

6- I am committed to maintaining healthy and nurturing relationships with all the people in my life.

7- My whole being radiates love and joy.

8- I start each day with a strong and confident feeling for the future.

9- My dreams and deep desires are manifested in my life.

10- I naturally turn to healthy lifestyle and food choices. I easily eliminate toxic behavior and the urge to consume industrial products.

11- I am at all times perfectly anchored to the energy of the Earth and connected to the energy of the source. Their energies are in perfect harmony in my body.

12- I deserve health, love, abundance and inner peace. I thank the universe every day for its generosity.

13. I am a channel for the abundance of the universe. I am open to new opportunities in all areas of my life.

14- I am connected to my higher-self and this for the good of all. My words, actions and thoughts fully reflect who I really am.

15- My life mission will be revealed to me in due time. I am on the way to my life mission. I accomplish great things, and the goodness of the universe is flowing through me.

16- I am perfectly centered and aligned in all circumstances.

17- I am responsible for my life and my personal spiritual growth.

18- Everything is perfect. Everything that happens in my life is for my greatest good.

19- All my actions, thoughts and choices are divinely guided and for the good of all.

20- I communicate easily with my superior-self and my guides. 

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Positive Millionaire affirmations to manifest all your desires

1- I only expect the best and always get it.

2- I pay my bills with love and joy. I like having the ability to pay that bill with ease. I thank for the goods and services I have received which are the result of this invoice.

3- I appreciate and have gratitude for everything I have.

4- My family and I are in perfect safety.

5- I live a life filled with abundance in all its forms.

6- I let go of my limiting beliefs about money, success and prosperity with ease.

7- Financially, I am still at ease.

8- I am a prosperous, responsible and autonomous person.

9- Abundance is part of my daily life.

10- I let the universe bless me in surprising and funny ways.

11- Prosperity surrounds me, prosperity dwells in me, prosperity comes to me and flows in me.

12- My day is full of unlimited potential: of joy, abundance and love.

13- I repay my debts quickly and easily.

14- The universe provides for all my needs and much more. I am perfectly safe.

15- Money comes to me very easily.

16- My financial resources are increasing day by day.

17- I am a successful entrepreneur and my income is growing rapidly. My career is flourishing.

18- Success, abundance and prosperity come to me with great ease.

19- Everything I do is a success. I embody success with joy.

20- I am a strong magnet who attracts the best at all times. 

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Positive Millionaire affirmations for good mental and physical health

1- My body is in perfect health and my mind is clear.

2- I wake up enthusiastic, and this enthusiasm follows me all day.

3- I wake up perfectly rested and full of energy.

4- I have a balanced lifestyle and I take care of myself.

5- I lovingly create perfect health for myself.

6- Forgiveness has a healing power that I always have at my disposal.

7- I am drawn to healthy food and I can easily reduce my sugar intake.

8- My energy and vitality are increasing exponentially every day.

9- My inner guide leads me to the best decisions for my health.

10- I feel stronger and in better shape a little more every day.

11- My body knows exactly what I need.

12- Today, taking care of myself becomes my highest priority. I like to take care of myself.

13- I listen and trust my intuition which guides me towards healing.

14- I am grateful for my excellent health.

15. All my cells are perfectly healthy and vibrant with energy.

16- I heal in peace, love and comfort.

17- My inner dialogue is benevolent, loving, confident and luminous.

18- My body knows how to heal and thrive. I allow my body to lead me to optimal health.

19- I am surrounded by caring people who encourage me to have a healthy life.

20- I deserve to live a healthy life. 

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