Affirmations for Positive thinking

Affirmations for positive thinking and affirmations to boost self-esteem!

I invite you to choose the one that speaks to you the most, the one that resonates in you and to repeat it every day for 21 days in order to integrate it well and thus to reach to raise your positive thinking . Reciting an affirmation is not necessarily enough, It is essential to believe in it with all your heart and to visualize what you want to be, to obtain, to become, to do in order to obtain a more powerful result.

For example, you can visualize yourself surrounded by beautiful golden light or imagine that your solar plexus increases and becomes a beautiful bright sun. You can also imagine yourself in a room speaking in front of an audience, seeing yourself being loved by a man or a woman, etc. In short, there are plenty of possibilities and it is up to you to choose images that inspire you and which make you feel beautiful emotions of pleasure, happiness, love, joy, enthusiasm.


Here are the 20 positive affirmations that I offer you today to increase self-esteem and positive thinking

  • I love myself and I am loved as I am.
  • Day after day, I am more and more confident.
  • I love myself and totally accept myself.
  • I am perfect as I am.
  • I am my best friend / my best friend.
  • I am important and I have value.

Positive Affirmations for woman who has self-esteem and thinks positively

  • I am able to accomplish great things.
  • I deserve love and respect.
  • Every day, I assert myself more and more, with kindness and authenticity.
  • I deserve to receive all the gifts in the universe.
  • I am unique and wonderful.
  • I have within me all the necessary resources to succeed in my life / succeed in all my projects.
  • I decide to act in accordance with my values ​​and my needs.
  • I am at peace with myself.

Positive Affirmations for man who has self-esteem and thinks positively

  • I have the right to be happy.
  • I have endless potential.
  • I have the right to be different while being loved and accepted.
  • I have wonderful interior gems.
  • Every day, I give myself the right to shine more and more.
  • I am able to … (you finish the sentence)

Here are 25 other positive affirmations for positive thinking:

  1. I only expect the best and always get it.
  2. My body is perfectly healthy and my mind is clear.
  3. I am a radiant being filled with light and love.
  4. I am now focusing on what is good and what is working well in my life. I expect the best.
  5. I do what I love, my job is a game.
  6. I always have enough money to meet all my needs.
  7. I appreciate and am grateful for everything I have.
  8. I do whatever I want and feel good.
  9. I put love and the positive in everything I do.
  10. I easily create what I want.
  11. I change the world around me by changing myself.
  12. I let go easily because I know that no matter what happens in my life, the best always happens.
  13. I am happy and in great shape.
  14. I love my body for the way it is.


25 positive affirmations to create the life of your dreams

  1. I love my life, it is wonderful and fun.
  2. I trust the Universe. Everything that happens is just and perfect.
  3. I have a balanced lifestyle and take care of myself.
  4. I am surrounded by loving and caring people.
  5. I deserve to be happy.
  6. I deserve to have everything I want.
  7. Learning is fun and easy.
  8. I am perfect just as I am.
  9. I give and receive Love easily and with pleasure.
  10. I can love and be loved in return.
  11. I am ready to begin a relationship now.

Here is the list of Affirmations of acceptance: I AM AFFIRMATIONS

  1. I accept myself completely, I accept my strengths and weaknesses, my talents and my imperfections, my qualities and my areas for improvement.
  2. I accept myself as I am with love and kindness.
  3. I accept my body with its differences and imperfections.
  4. I totally accept my life and I am open to the lessons it presents to me at all times.
  5. I accept my fears, my sadness, my guilt, my hurts because it is all part of me and makes me unique.
  6. I accept my power to manifest my goals and create the life of my dreams.
  7. I accept that I am a wonderful being filled with thousands of potentialities.
  8. I recognize that my reality is quite simply the result of my own choices, thoughts and actions.
  9. I accept that I have the potential and the power to choose love and peace at all times.
  10. I accept my ability to forgive and see the light in everyone I meet.
  11. I accept that mistakes are experiences and part of my growth.
  12. I am always ready to forgive myself and give myself another chance.
  13. I agree to let go and stop wanting to control everything.
  14. I accept that my life is a grace and an offering.
  15. I agree to open myself completely to receive all the beautiful gifts of the Universe.


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