Best Affirmations for Women

 Affirmations for Women

 In this post, i have shared with you 70 Best affirmations for women. Ensure you acquaint yourself with all of these wonderful words of affirmation daily. It Helps!!

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30 positive affirmations to repeat to yourself to feel beautiful and confident as women

Beauty is a state of mind. It is precisely by feeling beautiful and attractive that a woman is. Because this feeling is also perceived by others.

Speaking of which, affirmations are the best way to anchor new images and new thought patterns in the subconscious. These new ideas, these new images must be able to be condensed into a short sentence, easy to remember.


Mohamed Ali said:
“It is the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And what you believe becomes a deep conviction. Things then start to come true. “


For 21 days, repeat your list of affirmations morning and night. 21 days is the minimum time for a habit to take hold. Once deeply anchored in you, these affirmations will guide your life, they will be at the origin of your choices, of your decisions. Put together your own affirmations, the ones that touch you personally, your memorable quotes, your favorite mantras and make them a personal treasure to plunge into whenever you feel the need or the need.

Here is a suggestive list of statements or affirmations for making your skin feel better, all related to image, beauty, body and health. Select the ones that concern you personally and read them as often as possible.


1. “I am beautiful, I am happy, I am light, I am me. “
2. “Even though I let myself go yesterday, I know I can pick myself up today. “

3. “I can be as beautiful as I want. “
4. “I can improve my health by looking at myself in the mirror and loving myself. “

5. “I love myself as I am and will love myself always. “

6. “There is in me a radiant person, full of vitality. “

7. “I love myself the way I am and will love myself always. “

8. “I want to be my best every day of my life. “

9. “I am the creator of my body and my life. “

10. “I thank my body for being healthy. “

11. “I treat my body like I treat my best friends. “

12. “My body is my temple. I live there with respect. “

13. “I have to heal myself to better care for others. “
14. “I recognize my body as my ally. “

15. “I am getting more beautiful and brighter every day. “

16. “Today I make the choice to honor my beauty, my strength and my uniqueness. “

17. “I allow myself to feel good about myself and confident in myself. “

18. “I am beautiful. “

19. “I am unique and perfect as I am. “

20. “I am beautiful inside and out. “

21. “Day by day, I am more and more confident. “

22. “I give myself the right to shine. “

23. “I am gentle with myself today and forever. “

24. “I give myself permission to love myself. “

25. “My body is strong and healthy. “

26. “I am committed to taking care of myself. “

27. “I like to be with myself. “

28. “I deserve the best. “

29. “I beautify myself every day. “

30. “I am proud of myself. ” 

20 affirmations to be an independent woman

20 positive and inspiring affirmations for women who wish to free themselves from emotional dependence, toxic romantic relationships and develop their autonomy.

To familiarize yourself with the power of positive affirmations, check out my guide. Positive affirmations to be an independent woman and to free oneself from emotional dependence

1- I love and accept myself as I am, deeply and totally.

2- I deserve love and respect. I am a loved and kind person.

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3- I am 100% responsible for my life and I totally accept it

4- I am an infinitely powerful and fulfilled woman. I am free and autonomous.

5- I attract healthy and harmonious relationships to myself. I deserve to be loved unconditionally.

6- I am perfectly autonomous. I easily meet all my needs.

7- I am proud of myself and congratulate myself on the road traveled.

8- I love my life, it is wonderful and nourishing.

9- I expand my circle of friends with positive and rewarding people.

10- I am an inspiring and strong woman. I tame the loneliness a little more every day.

11- I make new, different and positive life choices that nourish me from within.

12- It is with myself that I have the best relationship. I am an endless source of love. I am my main priority.

13- My higher conscience guides me towards the good decisions which suit me perfectly.

14. I easily let go of my old patterns and fears about loneliness.

15- I am able to be assertive, as well as express my wants and needs.

16- I am centered, calm and enlightened. I trust my emotions and my intuition.

17- Forgiveness and acceptance have an extraordinary healing power that I always have at my disposal.

18- I am open to new and wonderful experiences and opportunities that the universe sends to me.

19- I have a loving, loving, constructive, respectful, enriching and fulfilling relationship with a wonderful, trustworthy man.

20- I am always in the right place at the right time. I let the universe bless me in surprising and funny ways.

Other Affirmations for Women

Positive affirmations to manifest all your desires

1- I only expect the best and always get it.

2- I pay my bills with love and joy. I like having the ability to pay that bill with ease. I thank for the goods and services I have received which are the result of this invoice.

3- I appreciate and have gratitude for everything I have.

4- My family and I are in perfect safety.

5- I live a life filled with abundance in all its forms.

6- I let go of my limiting beliefs about money, success and prosperity with ease.

7- Financially, I am still at ease.

8- I am a prosperous, responsible and autonomous person.

9- Abundance is part of my daily life.

10- I let the universe bless me in surprising and funny ways.

11- Prosperity surrounds me, prosperity dwells in me, prosperity comes to me and flows in me.

12- My day is full of unlimited potential: of joy, abundance and love.

13- I repay my debts quickly and easily.

14- The universe provides for all my needs and much more. I am perfectly safe.

15- Money comes to me very easily.

16- My financial resources are increasing day by day.

17- I am a successful entrepreneur and my income is growing rapidly. My career is flourishing.

18- Success, abundance and prosperity come to me with great ease.

19- Everything I do is a success. I embody success with joy.

20- I am a strong magnet who attracts the best at all times.


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