Best Pregnancy Affirmations

Here in this article are list of useful and positive words of affirmation you should say when pregnant or when in search for pregnancy. Ensure you read through and speak these Best Pregnancy Affirmations into reality.

The Benefits of positive thinking during pregnancy on a child’s education

Researchers say that the attitudes and behaviors of pregnant women can have an effect on their children’s academic ability later in life. This is why they encourage them to adopt a positive way of thinking, centered on the fact that there is a connection between a person’s will and the events experienced.

We no longer present the benefits of positive thinking on health, especially on psychological well-being, and a new study shows that it can have an impact … even during pregnancy. Researchers at the University of Bristol have established this observation based on data from studies carried out with pregnant women in the 1990s. They are interested in a personality attribute called “locus of control”. It is more precisely a capacity for reasoning, to know if a person believes to have control over the events of his life or if, on the contrary, this one considers that external forces independent of his will dictate his. unfolding.

So, some people may believe that it is pointless to make an effort, because what happens to them is due to luck and circumstances, unlike other people who are always motivated to act because they think and feel that ‘they can influence what will happen. Researchers examined this specific psychological characteristic through responses to questionnaires completed by more than 1,600 pregnant women. Years later, they looked at their children’s mathematical and scientific reasoning, as well as problem-solving skills at several points in their lives (ages 8, 11 and 13), assessed in school using tests designed for this purpose.

Children also have a better lifestyle

The results show that mothers who believe in the connection between their actions and what happens to them are more likely to have a child who is gifted in math and science. They were also more likely to offer their children brain-developing diets, read more stories to them, and show interest in homework and academic progress. “If our findings can be replicated, this suggests that more effort should be made to provide mothers with more opportunities to believe their behaviors are having a positive effect on their children,” says the study’s lead author, the Prof. Jean Golding.

Researchers even believe that this mental gymnastics could help future generations raise healthy, more confident and independent children. Their next step will be to look at this issue internationally to see if the results can be replicated. They would also like to know whether intervening by encouraging women to become more positive thinkers can improve their children’s academic performance. These conclusions confirm those of other scientific work carried out by the same researchers with regard to the development of the child through the thought method of future parents.

“It shows that when parents expect the results of their lives to be linked to what they do, their children eat better, sleep better and are better able to control their emotions. These children will be more likely years later to perform better in school, less personal and social difficulties with school and less risk of being obese, “they conclude. Good news, their previous studies have discovered that it is possible for parents, without specifying how, to change their beliefs in this area. And therefore to learn to see the links between their own actions and what can happen to their children.

Positive affirmations for your pregnancy

1- My baby is developing perfectly and I am giving him everything he needs.

2- I am a radiant and fulfilled pregnant woman.

3- I am in perfect emotional and physical health to give birth to a beautiful baby.

4- My baby is perfectly safe in my womb.

5- I am a source of joy and unconditional love for my baby and myself.

6- My pregnancy is serene and comfortable.

7- I attract to myself all the people I need to carry out this pregnancy and childbirth.

8- My baby feels perfectly safe and welcomed in his new incarnation.

9- My pregnancy is taking place in joy and gentleness.

10- My inner guide leads me to the best choices for my pregnancy, my delivery and the reception of my baby.

11- Comfort, serenity and joy accompany me throughout my pregnancy, from fertilization to childbirth.

12- My intuition guides me every day to know what my baby and I need.

13- I am a confident, powerful and inspired pregnant woman.

14- I am surrounded by love and I am in perfect safety. This love and protection is with me every day.

15- I deserve to take time for myself and to relax in all circumstances.

16- I welcome the physical transformations of my body with love and kindness.

17- I am a pregnant woman at peace and I have confidence in the natural process of life.

18- My body knows exactly how to deliver this baby.

19- I trust myself and my baby.

20- I am responsible for how I feel during my pregnancy and I choose to feel wonderful.

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Positive affirmations to increase your fertility and conceive a baby

1- I trust myself and the universe.
2- My body is functioning perfectly and I am ready to conceive a baby.
3- My fertility and that of my partner is high. We are ready to welcome a baby into our life.
4- I easily let go of my emotional blockages and limiting beliefs about fertility and pregnancy.
5- I am safe and surrounded by supportive and loving people.
6- I love and accept myself as I am.
7- My body is preparing for a fulfilling and imminent pregnancy.
8- My eggs are in perfect health and will be happy to be fertilized the next time I ovulate.
9- I am a powerful woman, I embody fertility. I am perfectly connected to the energy of the Earth which is infinitely abundant.
10- I choose to carry a baby and bring it into the world. The timing that the universe has chosen for me is perfect.
11- I am now freeing myself from all my limiting beliefs and my fears about fertility. I declare myself infinitely fertile.
12- Every day I become more and more confident in my ability to become a mother.
13- I am a loving and caring mother-to-be. I am able to meet all the needs of my future baby.
14- I celebrate with joy each new menstrual cycle. I am becoming more and more fertile every day. Each cycle brings me closer to my baby.
15- I am patient with myself and I treat myself with gentleness and kindness.
16- I deserve to be a mother and am ready to be.


17- I let the creative energy of the universe work through me to manifest in my life a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.
18- I love my body and respect it.
19- I deserve the best. I am open to welcoming new life into me.
20- I have a strong, functioning and healthy reproductive system.

Positive affirmations for your labor and the birth of your baby

  • The birth of my baby comes at the perfect time for me and my baby.
  • I am surrounded by loving and supportive people throughout my labor and delivery.
  • The birth of my baby is safe and has been an incredible experience.
  • Each contraction brings me one step closer to my baby.
  • Each contraction is effective and healthy, I am able to endure them with ease.
  • I have confidence in my body to carry out this delivery.
  • I am a capable, strong and courageous woman. My instinct guides me at all times.
  • I am perfectly connected to myself. My partner and I are perfectly connected. We are perfectly connected to our baby.
  • My baby is getting all the support and love he needs to come out of my womb. He feels confident and secure.
  • I deserve a natural and easy childbirth.
  • I positively accept labor and childbirth.
  • I am serene, full of energy and perfectly in condition to carry out this childbirth successfully.
  • My baby knows exactly how and when to be born.
  • I manage my breathing perfectly, which provides all the oxygen my body needs.
  • My childbirth is a healthy and magical experience.
  • I am a loving and caring mother. My baby feels it and feels perfectly confident.
  • My contractions are efficient and the labor is done with ease.
  • I feel supported, loved and completely secure.
  • My baby is perfectly positioned for each stage of labor and delivery.
  • My baby is greeted with joy and unconditional love.


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