Best prosperity affirmations

Here are the best Prosperity Affirmations i found for you! make sure read them.

The power of positive affirmations is no longer to be demonstrated. Many articles have proven the effects and for my part, I teach in my Law of Attraction program how powerful and transformative it is to recite positive affirmations every day … Even if that is not enough to create the life of your dreams and manifesting all your desires is always a first step that remains fairly simple. 😉

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an employee or unemployed, these words of affirmations for prosperity can help you mend your relationship with money. I invite you all to go deeper into your being to work on your blockages, your limiting beliefs, your fears because all these resistances can prevent abundance from illuminating your life. If necessary, I remain available to help you carry out this transformational work.

Before reading these powerful prosperity affirmations, I suggest you re read the introduction to the article “60 Positive Affirmations To Boost Self-Esteem” to fully understand how to use this list.

Here are the 20 positive affirmations that I offer you today to promote prosperity abundance in your life:

  •     My financial situation is healthy and positive.
  •     I am happy to welcome all of this abundance into my life.
  •     I am at peace with the money.
  •     I am an abundant entrepreneur.
  •     I pay my bills with pleasure and gratitude.
  •     I am worthy of receiving abundance in all areas of my life.

Positive affirmations for abundance and prosperity

  •     I am a magnet who attracts money.
  •     Every day I am more and more abundant / rich / prosperous.
  •     Money comes to me smoothly and easily.
  •     I deserve to receive infinite abundance.
  •     I love, honor and respect money.
  •     I attract abundance and wealth into my life.
  •     Money is my best friend.

Affirmations for Living in abundance and prosperity

  •     I vibrate with success, abundance and wealth.
  •     By giving me value, I attract more money to myself.
  •     I am a successful entrepreneur.
  •     The Universe provides for all my needs.
  •     I am more and more prosperous.
  •     My financial comfort increases over the days.
  •     I accept abundance, I welcome it with joy and it comes to me now

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 41 Powerful Positive Affirmations for prosperity

  1. I like money.
  2. I deserve a lot of money.
  3. I’m worth a lot of money
  4. I want to earn… € per month
  5. I deserve a good salary
  6. I am successful because I know what I want and I ask for it
  7. I am a magnet that attracts money
  8. I attract wealth into my life
  9. I always have more and more money
  10. Money comes freely to me
  11. I know what to do to make money and I do
  12. Day and night, my interests prosper
  13. Making money is quick and easy
  14. I believe in abundance, I desire abundance, I receive abundance
  15. It’s easy for me to make money
  16. I trust life and life gives me a lot
  17. I believe in myself and my ability to make money
  18. Money is a good thing
  19. Money is my friend
  20. Money allows me to do good
  21. The money is at my service
  22. I can create happiness with my money
  23. I accomplish great humanitarian projects with my money
  24. I am rich inside and out
  25. Money comes in and goes out of my life honestly
  26. I am financially free
  27. I am rich and I help others to become rich
  28. I earn more money than I spend
  29. My financial situation is healthy and positive
  30. I now have enough time, energy, wisdom and money to make all my wishes come true
  31. My financial comfort is increasing every day
  32. I now have more money than I need
  33. I have the money to do whatever I want
  34. I earn enough money to meet my needs
  35. I have the money to do whatever I want
  36. I am constantly developing my income
  37. I enjoy great financial prosperity
  38. Life puts people in my path who allow me to progress financially
  39. I make money doing what I love the most
  40. I happily earn money and I feel good
  41. Thank you for who I am, for what I have and for what is to come 

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How to magnetize your mind with a positive prosperity affirmations

There is a very simple technique called E.F.T.

This technique sends every positive statement back to your mind like a letter in the mail!

Do you know about EFT?

EFT for “Emotional Freedom Technique” is a recent, simple and effective technique that allows you to quickly free yourself from emotional blockages.

Emotional blockages are all the negative emotions that we all experience such as fear, stress, anxieties, feelings of guilt, shame, anger, frustration, doubt or low self-esteem.

These emotions are TOXIC because they prevent us from attracting the best into our lives.

☞ They are said to BLOCK the principle of the law of attraction.

But as I told you, EFT is much better than a technique for releasing negative emotions …

EFT also helps to REPROGRAM your brain POSITIVELY with powerful positive affirmations.

This really is the point of EFT: removing the negative from your mind and paving the way for positive beliefs (positive affirmation ).

EFT is a technique that kills two birds with one stone!

Let’s move on to practice with dozens of positive affirmation examples …

Like acupuncture, EFT is part of energy therapy. It uses the meridians to rebalance our emotions and our beliefs.

Concretely, it involves making small repeated tapping with two fingers on certain areas of the face and body to restore the energy flow that circulates in the body and thus release negative emotions.

As you will understand, EFT is practiced in two stages.

1. Repeat to yourself a statement that releases negative emotions: “Even though I doubt and am discouraged, … I fully and deeply accept myself. And if I could regain hope and courage… I release and I let go ”

2. Repeat a positive affirmation to yourself to reprogram myself and receive prosperity: “I am sure I will achieve my goal, I choose to live in abundance and prosperity for the rest of my life …”

The purpose of my article is not to teach you about EFT, but rather to give you examples of positive affirmations to use in your EFT sessions.

In practice there are different EFT programs depending on your personal desires, depending on what you want to attract into your life … because ultimately you know what you want to attract.

Each EFT has its positive affirmation program (see below).

Repeat to yourself the positive affirmation of your choice daily and you will succeed in attracting the best to yourself.

Here are the 81 examples of Positive Affirmations that I recommend you to use


To attract abundance, you will use this positive words of affirmation:

     I have the right to abundance

    I open up to plenty

    I choose to live in abundance and prosperity for the rest of my life

    I deserve the abundance

    I deserve to get everything I need

    I focus on abundance

    I expect miracles in my life

    I have absolute confidence in the abundance

    Abundance circulates in my life

    Abundance exists everywhere and so it is here for me too

    I attract abundance to myself

    I appreciate my current abundance

    There is enough for everyone

    I intend to increase my vibrations of abundance

    The universe supplies me instantly

    I anticipate abundance and abundance comes to me

    My vibrations of abundance are increasing rapidly

To attract money and wealth, you will use this positive statement:

     I like money

    I am comfortable with money and wealth

    I want to be rich

    I want to be a magnet for money

    I deserve the wealth

    I deserve wealth as much as others

    I intend to be rich

    I choose to create my wealth

    I have the right to be rich and happy

    I attract money and wealth

    I am a money magnet

    I get rich

    I know it’s good for me to earn more

    I can run … but the money is catching up to me!

    I am rich

    My income is higher than my expenses

    Money is coming easily to me now

    I am financially blessed no matter what

    Money opens up a lot of opportunities to me

    My financial goals are clear and precise

    I am financially successful even in times of crisis

    I manage my money well

    I take care of my money, I use it wisely

    I am rich, generous and honest

    I allow myself to be rich in body, mind and soul

To gain confidence and self-esteem, you will use these positive affirmations:

     I have confidence in myself

    I feel confident in the idea of ​​succeeding

    I am sure to reach my goal

    I want to be a noble example

    I believe in my worth

    I am really adorable

    I love myself

    I am perfect as I am

    I am wonderful

    I am wonderful!

    I am myself

    I now deserve …

To attract success and achievement, you will use these positive affirmations:

     I know i deserve success

    I have the right to my place in the sun

    I focus my attention on what I want

    I want to achieve success

    I create my success

    I’m optimistic

    I want to emulate the example of those who succeed

    I will devote all my strength to it

    I persevere despite the obstacles

    I want to win the victory

    I take the attitude of the successful one

    I have faith in success

    I want with all my might

    I leave with a victorious attitude

    I know that I will triumph

    I have lots of ambitions

    I walk with force in the path that I have chosen for myself

    I always make the right choices

    I succeed in everything I do

It only takes one positive affirmation to start positively magnetizing your mind and attracting what you desire most into your life.

All you have to do is choose a positive affirmation and use it with the EFT method!

Remember to add a positive affirmation of gratitude to your EFT sessions.

Gratitude and gratitude are emotions that will help you attract more abundance.

Remember to thank you for being already in abundance:

     I am grateful for all the abundance in my life

    Thank you the universe for all the blessings in my life

    I am thankful that there is enough money for everyone

    I’m thankful for all the money I have in my life

    I welcome everything I receive with gratitude

    I’m grateful for all the things I already have and all the things that are coming to me

    I cultivate gratitude
    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!


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