Positive affirmation meditation

Positive affirmation meditation will transform your life.

Affirmations and other self-suggestions work, it’s scientifically proven (see this article). Positive thoughts and beliefs influence our subconscious and help us achieve our life goals by directing our actions. Let’s use them! 🙂

Daily Positive affirmation meditation

  • I choose to let go of my negative thoughts.
  • I am in the right place at the right time and my action is right.
  • I am open to any teaching.
  • I can learn. I am determined to change.
  • I decide to do it with joy.
  • I choose to be free.
  • I approve of who I am and how I change.
  • I am doing my best.
  • Every day gets easier.
  • Today is a wonderful day; I choose to be so.
  • I choose to change the words I use.
  • Forgiveness makes me feel free and light.
  • The more I let go of my resentment, the more I can express my love.
  • I am learning to make this day a happy one.
  • This is a new day. I am a new person.
  • What a joy to sow new seeds, because I know that these seeds will give birth to my new experiences.
  • I give myself my support, life gives me its.
  • My days begin with joy and elation.
  • Today is a wonderful day;


Guided positive affirmations for Prosperity

  • I deserve the best and accept it.
  • My needs and wants are met before I even want them.
  • My choices are turning out to be good for me.
  • I rejoice in the success of others, knowing that there is more than enough for everyone.
  • My prosperity comes from everyone and everywhere.
  • All is well in the world of mine.


Guided positive affirmations for The body

  • I recognize my body as my ally.
  • I listen to what he tells me knowing that his messages are precious.
  • I always live in safety, divinely protected and guided.
  • I choose freedom and health.
  • All is well in the world of mine.


Guided positive affirmations for good story

  • Everyone, myself included, experiences the richness and fullness of life in their own way.
  • Today, I look back on the past with love and choose to learn from it.
  • There is neither right nor wrong, neither good nor bad.
  • The past is behind me.
  • Only the experience of the moment matters.
  • I look forward to freeing myself from this past and opening up to the present.
  • All is well in the world of mine.
  • The past has no hold on me because I am determined to learn and change.
  • I consider the past as necessary for my evolution.


Guided positive affirmations for Success

  • I have all the ingredients for success within me.
  • Today I allow the formula for success to come in and manifest.
  • I will succeed in whatever I accomplish.
  • Each experience teaches me.
  • I go from success to success, on the way to glory.
  • Each of the steps that I take transcends the previous one.
  • All is well in the world of mine.

Positive affirmation meditation for Work

  • My skills, which are unique, flourish and express themselves fully; they bring me satisfaction and happiness.
  • There will always be someone ready to receive my services.
  • I am always in demand and can thus choose according to my wishes.
  • I earn a good living thanks to a job that I like.
  • My work is a source of happiness.
  • All is well in the world of mine.


Positive affirmation meditation for Relationships

  • I live in harmony with my surroundings.
  • There is an inexhaustible source of love within me.
  • I now allow this love to manifest.
  • It fills my heart, my body, my mind, my conscience.
  • My whole being diffuses this love, in all directions; it comes back to me even stronger.
  • The more I give and express love, the more I can offer.
  • Its quantity is infinite.
  • I feel good when I express this love that reflects my inner joy.
  • I love myself ; so i love my body which i respect.
  • I love myself ; I find myself comfortable accommodation that meets my needs and where I feel good.
  • I love ; I therefore practice a profession which calls upon my talents and my creativity; I work with and for people that I love and who love me; I make the money I need.
  • I only attract people who love me, who reflect who I am.
  • I love myself ; by forgiveness, I therefore free myself from the past and feel free.
  • I love myself ; So I live the present fully, enjoying every moment and knowing that my future is bright.
  • All is well in the world of mine.


I hope these statements help you.

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