Self Affirmation – Assertiveness

What is Self Affirmation or Assertiveness

Self Affirmation or assertiveness is an attitude that allows us to clearly express our opinions, feelings and needs. It is a way of communicating to our environment (spouse, family, friends, etc.) what we feel, what we want.

Assertiveness or self affirmation develops through contact with others, since this contact allows us to recognize our needs and feelings. For many seniors and individuals, asserting themselves is difficult because they have learned little to talk about their feelings or their needs Asserting oneself is taking care of oneself. We all have rights and needs and respecting them starts with oneself .

When we do not clearly express what we are feeling, what we are thinking, we carry an inner unease. A negative feeling sets in within us: feelings of guilt, frustration, anger or worry. Our level of satisfaction with life is lower. We feel a lack of “control” over our life.


To have an affirmative attitude is to have “control of your life”. It’s showing that we have value, that we are important.

Self-assertion self affirmation is above all an attitude that shows that we respect, that we recognize our tastes, our talents, our feelings and our needs. To assert yourself is to be AUTONOMOUS.

It is having rights:

• The right to express our emotions

• The right to make mistakes

• The right to take care of oneself

• The right to say how we want to be treated

• The right to accept help without being guilty

• The right to say no

• The right to have needs

• The right to be responsible for our choices

To achieve self-assertion, we must take an active part in our change of attitude. You have to have confidence in yourself. The perception that we have of ourselves is an important factor in our capacity for assertiveness. Having a positive self-esteem, a positive attitude towards yourself is an important tool in assertiveness or self-affirmation.

Here are useful Self-affirmation quotes anyone could try daily

  • Today, I choose to go beyond my limits of the past. I am ready to adapt and open up to what the future holds.
  • I have the courage to just be myself.
  • I recognize my accomplishments and my talent.
  • I am at peace with my past, all my past.
  • All of my experiences contribute to the richness of my life.
  • I congratulate myself for the big and small things that I achieve.
  • No matter my trials and difficulties, I know I am loved.
  • I love myself and accept myself exactly as I am now.
  • Start by loving yourself if you want others to like you.
  • We are all wonderful beings with immense potential.
  • Count your benefits when others add up their problems.
  • Other people treat you the way you treat yourself.
  • As a child, we build self-esteem in the eyes of our parents.
  • What another person thinks has no reason to become my reality.
  • I now recognize and honor my creativity and that of others.
  • I cultivate within myself a space of peace where I can take refuge when I start to depreciate myself.
  • I am at peace, because I know that life is always there to support me, to help me and to comfort me.



  • Your self-image determines your chances of success in life.
  • The best way to gain self-esteem is to do what we fear.
  • You, like everything in this universe, also deserve love and affection.
  • What you are worth does not decrease when someone is unable to see your worth.
  • Stay away from people who make you feel like you are hard to love.
  • You have to do not what you have the power to do, but what you will be glad you did.
  • Before you can be someone for others, you must first be someone for yourself.
  • There are no worthless people, there are only people who don’t know what they are worth.
  • Believing in yourself and being aware of your worth is knowing that you have the right to be happy.
  • Whoever undertakes a job to his measure, increases his confidence and his chances of success.
  • Self-esteem is a flower to be watered every day with a positive and caring outlook.
  • Love yourself for real under all circumstances. You are in the right place at the right time.
  • The biggest wall you have to climb is the one you have built in your mind.
  • A person who has never been wrong is a person who has never tried anything new.
  • What you think of yourself is much more important than what people think of you.
  • Once you’ve proven yourself to be valuable, you don’t owe anyone anything.
  • You have to have high regard, not necessary for what you do, but for what you will be able to do one day.
  • We don’t have to be perfect to love ourselves. We can love ourselves as we are.
  • The absence of failure is not the cause of success. On the contrary, success smiles only after a series of failures.
  • Believe in your dreams and maybe they will come true. Believe in yourself and they will certainly come true.
  • The voices that criticize and judge have no place in my thoughts as I trust my innate wisdom.
  • You can only be what you are. And this is very well so ! The world needs someone like you.
  • You don’t have to be surrounded to be valued. The lion walks alone while the sheep walks in a flock.
  • Happiness is best achieved when you are proud of yourself without needing to ask someone else’s advice.
  • The reward for a good deed is the satisfaction of having done it. And there is nothing better to improve your self-esteem.
  • Unemployment is a plague on our world because it humiliates the person in its own eyes and makes them feel like they are useless.
  • Instead of thinking all the time about what you don’t have, try the opposite: think about what you have and what others don’t.

Self-esteem cannot be verified by others. You are worth it because you say it is like that. If you rely on others to evaluate you, that evaluation will be done by others.


We keep comparing what we are and what we should be. This habit of always measuring ourselves against something or someone is one of the main causes of our conflicts.


Positive morning affirmations for self

  • ➯ The world is created to give us beautiful things.
  • “I become what I imagine.
  • ➯ I create my future.
  • ➯ I am ready to have a great day.
  • ➯ I am the captain of my mind and the master of my soul.
  • ➯ I’m going to have a great day.
  • ➯ I literally believe in the power of positive thinking.
  • ➯ I respect people because they are like me.
  • ➯ I am in great shape.
  • ➯ Every day offers a new range of possibilities.
  • “My mind is just a reflection of what I think.
  • ➯ I am a happy person and ready to move on.
  • “All I want is to come into my life without me noticing.
  • ➯ Life experiences are magical, every day I learn new things.
  • “Today will be a day full of twists and turns.
  • ➯ I know exactly what I’m going to do with my day.
  • ➯ I am literally happy on this day.
  • ➯ I am determined to perform this morning routine.
  • ➯ Joy is already present in my life, I just have to open my eyes to see it.
  • ➯ Whenever I wake up in the morning, I get out of bed with enthusiasm and happiness for my life and my day to come.
  • ➯ I am fulfilled and feel very good about myself.
  • ➯ My dreams are my reality.
  • “Energy is in abundance in me.
  • ➯ I smile at every opportunity.
  • Smiling is the first thing I do when I wake up.
  • ➯ Morning is the best time of the day.
  • “I have confidence in the future.
  • ➯ I exceed my limits a little more every day.
  • ➯ Sport is part of me.
  • ➯ I am able to create the body I want.

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Positive affirmations for Work

  • ➯ I know how to surpass myself to get what I want.
  • ➯ My work is the hidden part of my success.
  • “I love the time at work.
  • “Today I perform the tasks given to me without procrastinating.
  • “I am acting now to create the future I want now.
  • ➯ I work a lot on my projects with reckless joy.
  • “My work is a time of pleasure where I learn to surpass myself.
  • ➯ I am able to let go for better results.
  • “I’m giving myself breaks.
  • ➯ The rewards are already there, I just can’t see them right now.
  • “I assume all my responsibilities with kindness.
  • ➯ I remain positive even in the face of the most negative things.
  • ➯ My work is carried out with rigor.
  • ➯ Conviction dictates my work.
  • ➯ My motivation is the main key to my success.
  • ➯ My work is governed by my determination.
  • ➯ My work is the key to my success.
  • ➯ I am in control of the direction of my life.
  • ➯ My job allows me to get what I want most.
  • ➯ Productivity is present in abundance in the way I act.
  • ➯ I am aware of my work capacities.
  • ➯ I do a good job.
  • ➯ I demonstrate my abilities to my boss.
  • ➯ My actions are proof of my determination at work.
  • ➯ Difficulty is a motivator to show who I really am.
  • ➯ My work is organized and I follow my action plan.
  • ➯ Concentration is a quality that I have and which allows me to do my job well.
  • ➯ I am able to make decisions at work.
  • ➯ My personal success is present.
  • ➯ My professional life is rich and fulfilling.
  • ➯ Every moment spent at work brings me closer to my goals.
  • ➯ My life is a success.
  • “I have clear ideas about my future.


Positive affirmations for Self-confidence

  • “I’m getting better and better.
  • “I accept all the blessings of the universe.
  • ➯ Reality is created from my thoughts.
  • ➯ I decide to choose thoughts that will have a positive impact on my life.
  • ➯ The biggest job to do is on myself.
  • ➯ I am open to all new experiences in life.
  • ➯ I am free to think what I wish.
  • ➯ I will achieve great things.
  • ➯ I will be the best to accomplish this task.
  • “I respect myself because I’m a good person.
  • “I have full possession of my means.
  • ➯ I ‘hide all the negative things that I cannot change.
  • I love myself very much because I am a good person.
  • ➯ I am able to climb mountains.
  • “I am capable of overturning any reality.
  • “I totally approve of everything I do.
  • ➯ All of my decisions are taken in hindsight and they are the right ones for me.
  • ➯ I am unique.
  • ➯ I believe in myself thoughtlessly.
  • ➯ I think positively.
  • ➯ Understanding is one of my biggest qualities.
  • “I have all the qualities in me to achieve my goals.
  • “I am a determined person who can handle any situation.
  • ➯ I am a man capable of exceeding my limits.
  • ➯ I am a totally unique person with great qualities.
  • ➯ I am a good person and I deserve happiness.
  • ➯ All of my decisions are good to varying degrees.
  • ➯ The serenity is an integral part of me.
  • ➯ I am who I think I am.
  • “I get along with the people around me and trust my colleagues.
  • “Self-esteem is my main quality.
  • ➯ My life is an abundance of confidence.
  • “I am a confident person who keeps getting better every day.
  • ➯ I trust my choices and move forward.
  • “I erase from my life all the people who keep me from achieving happiness.
  • ➯ I control my choices and my life.
  • ➯ I am responsible for my positive mental state.
  • ➯ I deserve a fulfilling life.
  • ➯ What I feel is healthy.
  • ➯ Self-confidence is my first quality.

Positive Self Affirmation for Love

  • “I attract the good in my life.
  • ➯ I will give everything I gave.
  • “Love is there, I just have to believe it.
  • “I know my friends love me.
  • “I have a family and loved ones around me.
  • “I have a great social life.
  • ➯ I am love.
  • ➯ I make the world a better place every day.
  • I love time spent with my family.
  • ➯ I take the time necessary to show those around me how important they are to me.
  • ➯ I love them.
  • ➯ I am able to take time for myself and for my loved ones.
  • ➯ Compassion is part of me.
  • ➯ I am able to give forgiveness.
  • ➯ I practice benevolence with conviction to help those around me to evolve.
  • ➯ I am able to question myself and understand.
  • “I choose to do what I love.
  • ➯ I strongly believe in love.
  • ➯ I let my heart speak.
  • “I am able to let people love me.
  • “I love others and others love me back.
  • “I accept that others can love me.
  • “Passionate / fusional love is coming into my life.
  • “The people I love love me back.
  • ➯ I am able to give love to others.
  • ➯ If I give love to others, they return it to me exponentially.
  • ➯ I am able to attract the person I want.
  • ➯ My sentimental relationships are strong and fulfilling.
  • ➯ I am ready to fall in love.
  • ➯ I give a lot because I love this person
  • “The love is in me.
  • “Love is just an extension of my development.
  • ➯ Joy fills me and fills my life.
  • “The people around me are filled with love and I take advantage of it.
  • ➯ I am falling in love.
  • “The waves around me are telling me that love is there.
  • “Hidden love is real love.
  • “I assume that I love a person.
  • ➯ I take the front and reveal my love.
  • ➯ Like a magician I choose to give love to all around me.
  • “I love people even my enemies.
  • “I get love as I pass it on.
  • ➯ My life is happy and joyful.
  • ➯ I feel good with this person.
  • ➯ My relationship is passionate and I feel fulfilled.
  • “I give everything to my partner to make her as happy as possible.
  • “Love is a big part of my life.
  • ➯ Passion punctuates my choices.
  • ➯ I am able to let my heart make decisions.
  • ➯ My heart is filled with happiness.
  • Harmony is present in me.
  • I love life and life loves me.
  • ➯ I understand my feelings and accept them.
  • ➯ I deserve to find love
  • ➯ I am endearing and open to others.
  • “I am able to open up to others.
  • ➯ I am able to confess the things that I feel.
  • ➯ I only feel positive things with those around me.
  • “I only convey positive things to those around me.
  • ➯ I focus on the things that make me happy.


Positive Self-Affirmation for success

  • ➯ I believe in the power of attraction.
  • ➯ I focus my efforts on what I really want.
  • “Money is a reward.
  • “I am able to get as much money as I want.
  • “Money is compensation that takes many forms and I’m already rich.
  • ➯ I think therefore I create.
  • ➯ What I do now will be beneficial in the future.
  • ➯ My efforts will pay off very soon.
  • “I like everything that looks like me like a magnet.
  • ➯ I am very successful.
  • ➯ I live well financially.
  • “Money is in abundance in my life.
  • ➯ Everything I do brings me closer to freedom and prosperity.
  • ➯ I really believe in the power of attraction.
  • ➯ My money is proportional to my happiness.
  • “The money I earn is a symbol of my beliefs.
  • ➯ I believe in my ability to get rich quick.
  • ➯ My productivity, my knowledge and my knowledge make it easy for me to attract money.
  • ➯ I’m going to make some money really quickly.
  • “I reprogram my mind to attract abundance.
  • ➯ With each day that dawns, my wealth increases.
  • ➯ I am in the midst of plenty.
  • “I accept to take risks to generate my fortune.
  • ➯ I am a successful billionaire.
  • “I have the ability to generate large sums of money.
  • “I accept and focus on actions that bring me closer


Self Affirmation for wealth.

  • ➯ Financial freedom is an integral part of my personality.
  • “I am accomplishing my goals and bringing myself closer to success and abundance with each passing day.
  • “Abundance allows me to flourish and enjoy life.
  • ➯ The wealth I create is not necessarily just paper money.
  • “My professional and personal success will provide me with abundance and financial freedom.

If you took time to read up till this line, congratulations to you as you just unlocked the secrets of self-affirmation. DOWNLOAD free meditation for success here

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